art by Mike Bertino

Many more people hear voices, and hear different kinds of voices, than is usually assumed. Voice-hearing in itself is NOT pathological or something that we automatically need to get rid of. It is a meaningful, interpretable experience, intimately linked to a voice hearer’s life story. Sometimes it can provide insight into unresolved personal trauma.

Voices can be like dreams. We all dream and experience words, images, and sensations in dreams. When we dream, all sorts of strange things can happen to us, but we still believe they’re really happening to us. Hearing voices can be like that – a waking dream – but something that is experienced as real.

For voice hearers, the voices might be present all day and have the effect of preventing them from doing things in their daily life. Voices might also punish the voice hearer if they don’t do what the voice wants them to do. Voices may also be intelligent, witty, funny, and helpful to the hearer.

There are many different ways to hear voices. Voices can be experienced in the head, from outside the head or even in the body. It may be one voice or many voices.

This is complex, just as people often are, and shouldn't be regarded as a disease.

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