I am Clairsentient, My energy field is very porous, I sense others energy & emotions, I need to seal or shield my energy field so that I do not constantly absorb the emotions & energy of others. I grew up in an extremely toxic energy environment that put me into a constant state of fight or flight. I was scapegoated by my family for their issues, subjected to intense psychological, emotional abuse & energy terrorism. I was labelled by the mind police as Schizophrenic who proceeded to force medications on to me for months on end, some of which I was allergic to & caused severe mental & physical reactions. My experience was one of mental & physical torture. When I objected I was dragged down the corridor & locked in seclusion many times. They nearly put me on clozapine which had i taken would have shortened my remaining lifespan to about 20 years. When I was put on a less harmful medication & starting to feel better it was assumed that more "treatment" would be required. I was given shock treatment which has severely debilitated my short term memory & general cognitive brain function. In other words, I have brain damage. Now that I have extracted myself from the mind police & do not live with my family I remain well. However the brain damage remains & continues to affect me. One of the drugs damaged my eyesight- these are the real disabilities. 01:49, December 4, 2011 (UTC)