A sexond-guesser (sorry, I mean second-guesser) is a person who second-guesses everything they say.

They are typically overthinkers and don't usually have the best self-confidence, well at least not all the time.

They might also be prone to saying sorry, and thanks a lot but also may or may not counteract that with rude behavior in a different situation.

A sexond guessor typically has very good spelling and grammar, just chooses to misuse it.

A second guesser may hear voices and have delusion-like thought interuptions, either before or after they talk.

This at times, may cause the second-guesser to say things like "What did I just say...!" and "Oh no...!"

A second guessor usually does well in work situations, with other people as long as they keep quiet.

Their bosses frequently either love or hate them.

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