PsychoPharmaceutical Complex is very serious. In fact, millions of people have already died from it and millions more are affected daily. Its origins are unknown, but research has identified the Military Industrial Complex as being a related disease.

The diagnosis of PsychoPharmaceutical Complex can be made if the following criteria can be met:

A. Lying

  1. For Profit

B. Hurting People

  2. For Profit

C. Creating Delusions

  1. For Profit

As a Psychiatric Survivor, or - as I prefer - a Person With Lived Experience, I know a thing or two about Delusions. I did, after all, try to prove God.

A Delusion is a False Belief.

In cases of PsychoPharmaceutical Complex, false beliefs are created and maintained for profit. Such as the belief that we are ill as a result of who we are and that who we are makes us ill and the belief that the only thing that might help is a prescription that costs over a thousand dollars per month.

Another commonly held delusion is that restraining people physically and chemically in some way promotes wellness...?

That's insane.

- FR