Welcome to the People's DSM Wiki

The People's DSM (also called Identities of Mentally Oppressed Kin or IMOK) is a project where psychiatric survivors reject outside labels and define ourselves however we see fit: a description, a story, a drawing... anything to express our identities without fear of ridicule or medical labeling.

Anyone can contribute, and entries can be anonymous!

This wiki is a public community project of MindFreedom Portland, endorsed by MindFreedom International.

Because human experience is vast, and rarely tame...

"To the extent that this world surrenders its richness and diversity, it surrenders its poetry. To the extent that it relinquishes its capacity to surprise, it relinquishes its magic. To the extent that it loses its ability to tolerate ridiculous and even dangerous exceptions, it loses its grace."
- Tom Robbins, "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues"

A room of our own

We have dealt with labels meant to describe our experiences as illnesses, but who are we?

In our own words and images (please, add your identity to the wiki-- click on Add a Page!):

And when I thought...


Ballad of the Multiple

Being Properly Mortified

The Business of Isness: parallel universes

Centrocerebral Anionization

Compulsive Artistic Activity

Crazy Cat Person


Creatively Maladjusted Personality


Dim-out of HOST hardware

DSM Jargon: Translated

I am human, I am medicine...

Iatrogenic trauma and retraumatization

Ignoring the Obvious disorder

Moron Aversion Disorder (MAD)


Nonadjustment to Label Focused Domestic/Familial Abuse Disorder

OMG!!!! My mood changed! Disorder

Ooh Shiny!

Over Diagnosing Over Prescribing and other psychiatrist disorders

Post Traumatic Capitalism Reaction

Psychiatric Survivor Nonviolent Grandiose Global Creatively Maladjusted Diagnosed Psychotic Revolutionary!

PsychoPharmaceutical Complex






Traumatised Clairsentient

Voice Hearing

We dive in deeper

Who am I?

Why not a Characteristics of Sanity Manual (CSM)?

Latest activity

  • new page DSM-criticism disorder NOS
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: DSM-Criticism disorder NOS, is somehow very real, but no one can quite point a finger at it. Even so, DSM-Criticism disorders tend to be very ...mind...
  • new page Psychiatric no-guilt disorder
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: Derp. Psychiatric no-guilt disorder is kind of weird, because the people who seem to have it are strange, and they have weird consciousness issues....

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