Ooh Shiny! Is a condition in which the person moves rapidly from one thought to the next, from one experience to the next, even from one office to the next. The name is derived from the similarity between shiny, sparkly things that catch the eye and intriguing thoughts that catch the mind.

A person can be considered to have Ooh Shiny! If she/he has at least four of the following:

1. Frequently interrupts others with new ideas

2. Has trouble finishing sentences

3. Tends to lose important things in own office/home

4. Is delighted by life much of the time

5. Works better alone and/or with little distraction

6. Loves new technology even if has difficulty learning it

7. Artistic in nature

8. Becomes frustrated when required to perform mundane activities

9. Frequently fidgets when forced to concentrate on boring or anxiety-producing topics

The person experiencing Ooh Shiny! can live successfully in the community as long as the person finds the appropriate work placement and living situation. Intimate partners will be either charmed or frustrated with the Ooh Shiny! person, and employers and colleagues can learn to set up signals. Prognosis: excellent if the person is not coerced into inappropriate treatment.