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OMG!!!! My mood changed! Disorder

Shifts in moods ranging from “good” to “bad” are observed over a period of time. Attention to personal matters or past traumas plays no part in the diagnosis of this disease. If this person’s mood changed within your recent memory of them, then they clearly have this disorder and it should be dealt with immediately. Untreated OMG!!!! My mood changed! Disorder will lead to way too many talks about feelings. If you live or know someone who expresses their mood and it’s not the same every second of every day, you cannot possibly have a functional relationship with this person.

During the period of mood disturbance, this behavior must be present during your time knowing them:

(1) Person expresses feeling happy.

(2) Person expresses feeling lazy.

(3) Person expresses a bright future and big dreams.

(4) Person expresses nervousness.

(5) Person exhibits stubborn behavior, and is unwilling to compromise.

(6) Person expresses feeling sad.

(7) Person expresses feeling solitary or tired.

(8) Person expresses a lack of patience or becomes overwhelmed.

(9) Person gets in an argument with someone they’re close to.

(10) Person expresses excitement and becomes extremely focused.

People with OMG!!!! My mood changed! Disorder clearly express too much. They will often relay feelings related to the mood they are currently feeling. This sometimes leads to you feeling like they’re a completely different person. If their mood does more than stay the same all the time, this is cause for concern. If their life is unstable or chaotic, you shouldn’t worry about this. This doesn’t matter. Clearly it’s just more important to get them on medication. Expressing too much is clearly dangerous.

Specify if:

Type I: They are more positive and excited by life than they should be at times and more mellow at others.

Type II: If their excitement isn’t completely baffling to you, and they seem to be depressed sometimes too.

Cyclothymia: They’re not quite as excitable as Type I, but not quite as depressed as Type II.

NOS: You’re not really sure what’s going on. You’re just sure you don’t really like it.

Treatment: Currently, the best treatment for OMG!!!! My mood changed! Disorder is heavy doses of medication. It’s really just best to remove any and all feeling from this person. Clearly all this conveying and feeling of emotion is just out of control.

Prognosis: Prognosis depends on whether or not the medicine makes the person feel nothing or a little. If they feel a little, make sure they make lots of visits to therapists and doctors. It’s important that in order to handle this condition, you monitor the person’s every mood. If you notice them expressing a mood that was different from yesterday, you should be very concerned and make certain this person is staying on their meds. Removing all expressing or feeling of emotions is really the only way this person can expect to function in society.