Trauma, terror and pain inflicted by "helping professionals" on innocent people that used to trust them.

Isolation, restraints, and abuse of authority are widespread in medical settings which are meant to be "therapeutic." In hospitals, this can mean being kept from going outside, and often being prevented from engaging in supportive behaviors such as meaningful conversation and hugging (because patients must have "enforced boundaries"). It also includes medical professionals physically overpowering people in their care who are "paranoid" and emotionally coercing them into treatment. This is traumatizing, and if a person did not have mental and emotional distress before being put into this setting, they surely would after.

One PDSM contributor has called this process "psychiatrogenicosis."

sI-kE-a-trO-gen-i-cO-sis (n): mental, or physical illness caused by the attempted resolution of alleged psychiatric disorders.

See also: Survivor