Cjsun post

I don't think there is anything extraordinarily strange about me, though I am definitely not normal! What makes me "not normal" is that
I am a deep-sea diver of the wide, weird ocean of Life.

If something is gut-wrenching and tragic, in myself or the world, I am eager to go there to act as witness and as medicine, like I did in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. If something is mystical and exhilarating, I am eager to go there too, in myself and the bizarre, ordinary world.

Sometimes I see everything around me as vibrant and alive.

I am an Amazon Lady Guadalupe. I am willing to go further in life, and myself, than many people are willing to go. I have experienced extreme states-- and it was pretty "extreme" to be restrained and forcibly drugged after returning from post-Katrina New Orleans, when my behavior suggested that I had experienced more trauma than I could handle.

Yet I still believe that "more than I could handle" was just enough, as those experiences continue to have a positive and transformative effect on my understanding of life and myself today. For many people, it is "normal" to avoid all aspects of reality that are unpleasant. I am happy to say that I will never be normal, and I am healthy.

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