About 35,000 BC an event called, “The Great Encephalization [GE; brain inflammation (enlargement)],” in which some of Earth’s higher primates’ OST (Organic Shoulder Top) computers were upgraded to HOST (Humanoid ~) computers.

The primary feature of that GE upgrade was the installation & configuration of the HOST computer monitor, which afforded its operators experience perception recall, the ability to recall, thus view the perceptions of their previous experiences. Because of their use of their HOST monitors, the operators can review their experience, optimally intentionally, and thus use the so acquired information to upgrade their continuum—their life.

The reason for this terse presentation is the introduction of the concept of HOST computer hardware (neurological) dim-out—the attempt to operate a HOST computer without enough biological electric power to achieve a stable state of monitor function.

The resolution for HOST hardware power supply dim-out is Metered Nutritional Mineral Supplementation (MNMS; pronounced like “M&Ms”), which entails steadily feeding the HOST operator’s ASP (Ambulation Support Peripheral; physical body) nutritional mineral supplements until their HOST monitor re-ignites stably.

Naturally, the longer and more severe HOST hardware (neurological; human head) power supply dim-out is allowed to continue, the more HOST operators’ software (mentality) is subject to errors which can negatively impact future computations. However, HOST software (mind) issues can be resolved via competent HOST software ROUM (Repair, Operation Upgrade & Maintenance).