Crazy Cat Person is a person who owns at least two cats and spends much of his or her income insuring the health and comfort of the cat(s). Must have at least five of the following:

(1) Prefers companionship of cats to that of many humans;

(2) Clothing always demonstrates presence of cat fur;

(3) House full of cat toys;

(4) Can't resist a pet adoption;

(5) Considers getting a new cat to keep the current cat company;

(6) Has photos of the cat(s) on his/her phone;

(7) Knows all the local rescue organizations and/or breeders;

(8) Volunteers at the animal shelter

(9) Furniture covered with cat fur

(10) Sleeps with cat(s)

The Crazy Cat Person may or may not be able to resist adding new cats to the family, but will certainly be tempted by cats or kittens that fit a certain "type" or when one cat leaves the family through death or adoption. The house may smell like a litter box although it is possible to be a Crazy Cat Person and keep the house clean and free of odors.

Specify if:

Early Onset: If onset is before 25 years

Late Onset: if onset is after 25 years

Geriatric Onset: If onset is after 55 years

There is currently no cure for the Crazy Cat Person. Some can be treated with exposure to dogs, though this may be considered a kind of aversive therapy. The best that can usually be hoped for is that the Crazy Cat Person will limit the number of cats in the home to match income and home size. Crazy Cat Persons are much more likely to be women by a facor of 5:1.