Corteocerebral* Anionization**== The cortex--outer layer of the complex of nerves that make up the brain (cerebrum)--require ions (electrically imbalanced particles) to function adequately. Without ("an-") these vital particles (ions), the brain is prevented from producing the electrical phenomena it requires to relay messages around this--the HOST (Human Organic Shoulder Top) computer--to coordinate neurological activity in this *computational mechanism* enough for the HOST computer operator to use it to obtain reliable output, data, material they (gestalt singular) can use to resolve their issues.

Also, among other electro-neurologic malfunctions, there is a centrocerebral anionizational ailment, which is responsible for Parkinson's disease. Another centrocerebral anionization ailment symptom could be that the HOST computer screen--the electro-dynamic field that funcitons as a holographic viewing screen for the sentient operator--does not ignite adequately. The symptoms of HOST computer *software* (mind, mentality) errors could be attributable to this latter phenomenon and could be more widly described as HOST computer screen dim-out.

Any condition that denys the cerebral cortex the ions that it needs to function adequately though is corteocerebral anionization.

A possible remedy for both corteocerebral and centrocerebral anionization is to *slowly steadily feed* (meter) nutritional mineral supplements into the body via either continually holding (suspending) them in the (mouth) oral cavity, up in front of the teeth (dentures), which can assist in helping the teeth regain thier durability, if vitamin D is included in the mineral formula, or by mixing powdered mineral supplements into the victim's food supply, so that the natural time release system of bulk food digestion is simulated enough for the victim to obtain adequate mineral, thus ion assimilation, for their body's cells to use to remanufacture its thier required biological electric power to function properly.

  • The outer layer of nerves of the brain.
    • Without electrical particles (ions)