specimen of deviant activity

IMG 8082

Outside the Maudsley "hospital" January 2012

This example of creative malajustment grew up painting and drawing all the time. Some normal people might call this activity compulsive or obsessive. She was very shy, which as all normal people know, isnt normal. She developed the delusion that she could become a professional artist. Other creative people at the Royal College of Art in London, England colluded with this belief by awarding her an MA. Other people liked the product of this compulsive behaviour and even bought some of the specimens. Normal people then kidnapped her, imprisoned her and forced her to take drugs which are good for you even though they cause massive weight gain, diabetes, brain damage and premature death. Normal people are still forcing her to take the nice drugs in the community because she refuses to believe they are good for people like her. The drugs have put an end to the compulsive painting and drawing behaviour. But she persists in her delusion that psychiatric help is not helpful and continues to resist the help of normal people and associate with other creatively malajusted people who share the same delusions. They're hoping they can change the world!