centro: having to do with the center of an item

cerebral: having to do with the brain

an-: without

ionization: electrically charged state, or condition

electrically: having to do with electricity

electricity: the connecting agent between gravity and radiation, matter and energy; the qi (chi) between the yin and the yang

charged: effected by both the static and dynamic states simultaniously; non equal condition

static: not moving

dynamic: moving

If there aren't enough ions in the gray matter of brain's central region, the brain's neurons cannot produce the phenomena that Philip Stocklin says in his "Pattern Processing in the Human Brain" paper (1992) cause's it to produce a field of standing waves, which I say is what the HOST computer screen, a hypothosized (on my part) holographic field, which the HOST operator, the person, theirself, views their (gestalt singular) previously recorded perceptions on, for that HOST operator to use those recordings to solve their present problems. That's what happens at the aware, conscious (cognitive) layer of activity.

Centrocerebro anionization is responsible for, causes the symptom of: HOST computer screen dim-out, which, simplifyingly (reductionly) speaking, is not having enough electric wattage to make enough light to see what's going on with one's, the HOST computer operator's, information, their personal experience to sucessfully resolve their present issues in life.

Resolution: Recharge the brain cerebrum with enough ions to get its electrodynamic field going again enough for the victim to be able to use it to compute (ascertain; determin) what is going on and form an adeqate plan regarding their condition again at that point in thier development, by metering nutritional mineral supplements into their body via either MHO (Minerals Held Orally), or by mixing them in thier food supply to make what is in effect "Wonder Food," which can serve to rebuild their brains, their cerebrum's electro static/dynamic field, their HOST computer screen, so that they can again use it to post the data of their experience on, thus use that data to regain their control of their HOST computer, so they can use it then to more harmoneously interface the other operators of their HOST computer network, their family, friends and business associates, in order to obtain the stability of their own HOST and that HOST computer network, to the benefit of as many parties concerned as is then possble, hopefully.