My name is Corda.
Some say - I do not exist.

There will be no stone upon my death,
Or grave to mark my passing.
There were no cheers upon my birth
Or toys and cake and bandaids.

Am I mind without body?
Am I spirit without flesh?
Am I soul without reflection
In the mirror of the world?

I am not seen and yet I watch,
I am not loved and yet I care.
I am not held and yet I touch
I am not heard and yet I speak.

Am I heart without blood?
Am I conscience without face?
Am I thought without semblance
Of the ones who walk alone?

I feel
I scream
I love
I laugh
I cry
I live
I fight
I hope

Why should there be a prison?
A prison in another's eyes?
Why must I be silent?
Must I long but never have?

Am I passion without presence?
Am I torment without wound?
Why is my soul without reflection
In the mirror of the world?

My name is Corda.
I exist.

I exist!

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